Developing Innovative Process Chemistries for High Value Drugs

Improving decades old process chemistry, overcoming the risks of harmful impurities in APIs, overcoming critical shortages of critical lifesaving drugs.

Why do we need to revisit the API process ?

Close up of capsules with one white pill isolated
Overcoming Impurities or Safety Issues causing Recalls
Archaic Process

Process chemistries are often decades old and bereft of modern techniques / methodologies

Business Risks

American pharma supply chain left vulnerable by COVID19

Design Objectives

Novel synthetic routes, environment friendly green chemistry

Impurities Risks

Outsourced APIs often contain harmful impurities arising out of injudicious use of reagents

Credible Expertise

World-class team of corporate executives, research chemists and scientific advisors

Re-establish Jobs

Re-establish high quality pharma jobs in USA

Let's Discuss How We Can Improve Your API Process & Manufacturing

Novel Synthetic routes, cost reduction, time and effort optimization, environmentally unsafe by-products ?